Native American Arts District

Kansas City, MO

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Urban Planning


The goal of the master plan is to create a Native American Arts District in Kansas City around 31st and Troost.


The addition of multiple new parks, gardens, and trails to connect the parks gives substantial reason for redevelopment to occur along with future development to infill into open spaces.

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Facade Intervention


Rehabilitating the facades offers an opportunity to create a distinct character on the streetscape that pays tribute to American Indian Culture.


There are a number of elegant historical facades on the block. An effort will be made to preserve the historic portions of the facades and integrate new materials into areas with less historical significance.

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Mural Concepts


On the west side of the street, laser engraved wood panels will tell the story of the Osage Trail.


The wall is a nod to the Kansas City Liberty Memorial reliefs that visually narrate World War I. The panels will be above street level to preserve their quality and make them highly visible.

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